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Crazy Moo Games is a game development company founded by industry veterans who put the emphasis on fun, retro-chic, addictive games.


Owned and operated by developers who really love what they do, delivering great games for digital platforms.
















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SOCCER QUEST - September 1st 2015

Posted 5/7/2015

We are proud to announce 'Soccer Quest' coming on September 1st 2015.

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ANDROID TV is the new home for CANYON CAPERS

Posted 11/6/2015

CANYON CAPERS - TV EDITION shipped today for ANDROID TV devices, such as NVIDIA Shield ANDROID TV, GOOGLE Nexus Player and Razor Forge TV, as well as a range of ANDROID TV compatible smart TV's from the likes of SONY and PHILLIPS. 




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CANYON CAPERS now available through AMAZON

CANYON CAPERS now available on ANDROID.

Posted 13/3/2015

We're really happy to have released CANYON CAPERS on Google play with our publishing partner KISS.

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CANYON CAPERS ships on Windows Phone, Windows 8 and OSX

Posted 18/9/2014

Lots of new versions of Canyon Capers to play, wherever you are.

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Blink and you'll miss it.

Posted 2/8/2014

Canyon Capers and Rio Fever DLC in the Blink Bundle.

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Posted 17/6/2014



Embedded image permalinkEmbedded image permalink


Take a great platform game, and add all the fun of a trip to Brazil, to play football.

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STEAM Trading Cards are here now for Canyon Capers.

Posted 10/5/2014


Our steam trading cards have just been approved by Valve.

These are now LIVE on steam.... all you have to do, to earn them, is play Canyon Capers.


Each of the cards has been lovingly crafted in high resolution, the emotes are representative of the game, and the badges are really super cool... 

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