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SOCCER QUEST - September 1st 2015

Posted 5/7/2015

We are proud to announce 'Soccer Quest' coming on September 1st 2015.

Soccer Quest will be initially available on ANDROID platforms with more to follow.


Bringing two great game types together, Platform games and soccer.

Join out illustrious hero to score goals in all 20 locations around the Americas.

Master the best skills to navigate the worlds with the ball at your feet

Get the ball in the goal as quickly as you can whilst amassing as many points and bonuses as you can

20 fantastic levels across the Americas to play

Find all the secrets and passages to win.


Are you in the premier league of gamers or are you relegation favourite?


Key Features

  • Family friendly gameplay for all ages.
  • Full game controller support
  • NVIDIA shield portable and tablet enhanced visuals.
  • New gameplay style for both platform gaming and soccer
  • Master your skills to get high scores on the challenging maps
  • Bonuses, unlocks, secrets and QUEST points
  • Cool football physics 
  • Fish that can head the ball like a champ
  • Full 60fps gameplay on capable devices.

Available in your favourite app store.


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