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STEAM Trading Cards are here now for Canyon Capers.

Posted 10/5/2014


Our steam trading cards have just been approved by Valve.

These are now LIVE on steam.... all you have to do, to earn them, is play Canyon Capers.


Each of the cards has been lovingly crafted in high resolution, the emotes are representative of the game, and the badges are really super cool... 


We're actually pretty excited by this, as you can probably expect.

The new update is coming along nicely, with some features that are being added, directly because of user feedback and requests. We feel that this is pretty important, as an indie developer to listen to the community and pay proper attention to the customers at large.

We really don't just want our updates to be 'bugfix' builds. Each update should contain something new or cool that our customers can really get into.


This is only really made possible now, because we have this 1:1 connection with our customers. Probably at no other time in the history of this great industry, have developers been able to connect directly with a dialogue with the people who play their games. 



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